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When Baby Simply Won't Sleep...

We understand that one of the most frustrating things you, as a parent, can experience is when your baby simply won't go to sleep. Or, when they go to sleep, only to wake several times during the night.

We looked at the research into what best helps to calm fussy babies, in order to develop a resource for parents that enables them to help their children get to sleep. The result is The Heartbeat CD.


Nature's Most Soothing Sound

What my wife and I found in the research was that sound of the human heartbeat may just be nature's most soothing sound. Its gentle rhythm is the first thing a baby hears in the womb and it's why parents have been holding their babies close to their chests since before recorded history. This is illustrated by Yale M.D. experts who say:

What a fetus hears most, therefore, are sounds from the mother's body: heartbeat, stomach noises, voice. 1

Proven in Clinical Studies

Numerous studies have shown the benefits experienced by babies when listening to the recorded sound of the human heartbeat. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire say:

[T]his has been replicated in a number of studies ... they [babies] stop thrashing, they go into a restful awake or asleep state, and their oxygen saturation actually goes up right before your eyes. ... We have a system where we have a CD player for every baby. ... We like to start out with something rather simple, perhaps similar to what the babies have been hearing in the womb... 2

The ability of the heartbeat sound to calm fussy babies is why the Journal of the American Medical Association says:

[T]his explains the popularity of toys for cribs that mimic mothers' sounds. 3

No Added Music

Our Heartbeat CD contains six tracks of nothing but the calming and gentle human heartbeat. Each track is approximately 10 minutes long, for a total of one hour. Since babies are different, we encourage you to experiment to see if any one track works better than the others. Most CD players can be set to automatically repeat a single track for as long as necessary, so once you find the track that works best, you can set that to loop for as long as necessary.

While we certainly enjoy music, and agree that music may indeed be an aid when trying to get a baby to sleep, we decided to look at the studies and produce a CD with nothing but the heartbeat sounds that the baby would hear in the womb. We invite parents to evaluate our Heartbeat CD against those with added music and decide for themselves which one works better for their baby.

Secure Order and Guarantee

We offer The Heartbeat CD with a sincere hope that it will help soothe your baby and get him or her to sleep faster. Your order comes with our no-nonsense money-back guarantee. If the CD does not work for you, simply return it and we'll refund your purchase price. You can order with your credit card below. You will be taken to our credit card processor's web site for secure ordering, and will be returned to our web site when finished.

New and Improved!

We are very happy to announce that starting in May 2012, our CD is now professionally manufactured and we're very proud of the new, improved CD. Please click here for a look at the new CD. The audio is the same as it always was, just better. And, the CD looks fantastic.

Also, we have replaced the thin jewel case which we used to ship the Heartbeat CD in, and replaced it with a thick cardboard sleeve. This cardboard sleeve is environmentally friendly, 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, is lighter and thinner than the jewel case, and reduces shipping costs.

The Heartbeat CD is Downloadable

We also offer immediate download of the Heartbeat CD as MP3 files if you so choose. With immediate download, after payment, you will be brought to a page which contains a link where you can download the Heartbeat CD as six MP3 files in a "zip" file. The MP3s can be burned to a CD, or played through your computer or audio player (such as an iPod). The file is in "zip" format and is approximately 78 megabytes. A broadband connection is recommended for download purchases.

Please note, per our payment processer's policy, if using an "e-check" form of payment, this will delay download of the CD by a couple of days while the payment clears. For fastest service on immediate downloads, please order with your credit card.

If you would like to listen to a short sample, click here for a 30 second MP3 file.

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After payment, you will will be brought to a page on this site which contains instructions on how to download your copy of the Heartbeat CD as MP3 audio files, plus we'll also ship you a copy of the Heartbeat CD anywhere in the world.


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